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Starlight Lodge polaroid images of lodge keeprs

The Lodge

The story of Starlight Lodge begins in 1989. 


Designed by Beaver Log Homes, the Lodge is a masterpiece of woodwork—with warm tones, beautiful porches, and stunning views.


When the Lodge opened, it mostly served as accommodations for those enjoying flyfishing on the Delaware River, and parents who had children in the various nearby camps.  ​

Passed down through the years from lodge keeper to lodge keeper, guests return each year, preserving generations-long traditions of gathering at the Lodge.

Starlight Lodge front and side view with signage
Starlight Lodge keepers and a dog

 Four Friends on an adventure

Fast-forward to 2020, when Starlight Lodge, yet again, passed to the next and current lodge keepers: Scott, Arianne, Andrea, and Billy. 


In 2019, during a trip to Pennsylvania, Scott found this special lodge, and immediately knew it was the next chapter in the adventure he called life. 


Recognizing an opportunity to build a foundation for their future, he and Arianne invited their long-time friends, Andrea and Billy, to see the property.  

Taken by the beauty of the mountains, the home, and the promise it represented, this group of friends embarked on a journey together and became the new owners of the Lodge.


Now they harness their talents in hospitality and culinary arts to create an experience where guests from all walks of life feel the way they do about the lodge—like home. 

From left to right: Scott Bennett, Billy Dickett, Andrea Neil

Bottom: Arianne Bennett, Dax

To be continued...

Sadly, in January 2022, after a valiant fight, we lost Scott to COVID-19.


Scott was always the adventurer, a discoverer of new opportunities, and a trendsetter in the restaurant industry. He was the quintessential dreamer, but with real vision.

His passing—while stunning to those who loved him—left his spirit in its wake, which is indelibly imbedded in the Lodge. The echos of his voice can still be heard in our hearts, telling guests upon their departure, "To be continued...".

And just as he would have wanted, the last thing he did for his wife and friends was to find this special place—their safety in the world, their next chapter, and a new adventure together. Simply put, the Lodge is Scott's legacy to those he loved the most.

Starlight Lodge image of Scott Bennett with a bicycle
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